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These are links that I personally find have wonderful products or are helpful.
I do not "exchange" websites with other businesses.
I only add links for websites if I like the product or website.


Acquisto Silver Co.

All Things Small

Alice Zinn Miniatures

Angie Scarr Miniatures

Barb Plevan's Plants

Beverly Gallerani

Bill Lankford's Miniatures

BJ Miniatures

Bluette Meloney

Braxton Payne Miniatures

Brodnax Prints

Brooke Tucker

Buttercup Miniatures

Chevalier Miniatures

Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle

Connie's Webshots #1

Connie's Webshots #2

Cristina Noriega Miniatures

Daisy's Dollhouse Miniatures

d. Anne Ruff Miniatures

Designer Dog Miniatures

Donna Smolik

Duncan Carriages

Earth & Tree Miniatures

Eileen Godfrey Miniatures

The English Kitchen

EV Miniatures

Ferd Sobol Editions

Frodingham Dolls Houses

Frogmorton Studios - Rik Pierce

Glasscraft Miniatures

GJ's Miniature Christmas Trees

Grandads Playroom

Hanky Panky Crafts

Heirlooms By Susan Harmon

HB Brass

Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture

Hobby Builders Supply

Ichiyoh Haga Miniature Artisan

Imagination Mall of Miniatures

I.G.M.A. - International Guild of Miniature Artisans

Jaye's Mini Links

Joan Wheatley's Creations

John Hodgson

Jon Almeda Minature Pottery

Joyce Bernard Miniatures

Karen Fitzhenry Rocking Horses

Ken Manning Collection

Kent's Mini Treasures

Kubesh Miniatures

La Casa Photos

Lady Jane

Lara Copper Cookware

Lawbre Company

Lisa's Little Things

Mary Hoot Miniatures

Mary McGrath Wildlife Sculptures



Miniature Net

Miniature Shops by State


MiniMotion by Tori West

Miniton Miniatures

More Mini Shops by State

My Miniatures

N.A.M.E. - National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts

Nantasy Fantasy

Olde Mountain Miniatures

Pannikins by M.E.

Pat & Noel Thomas

Patricia Paul Miniatures

Pear Tree Miniatures

Philadelphia Miniaturia

Private Collection

Ray Storey Lighting

Rio Rondo Enterprises

Robin Betterley Miniatures

Sally Wallace Projects

Sandy's Lace and Trims

Scale Designs

Shaker Works West

Shannon Moore

Small Stuff Miniature Digest

Small Things

SP Miniatures

Stockton Miniatures

Stokesay Ware

Swiftwater Crafts

Teresa's Miniature World

The Guys From Texas

Thelma Lewis DeMet

Tierneys Tiles

Tom Bishop Miniature Shows

Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City

Trigger Pond Doll Houses

Valerie Claire Miniatures

Vic Newey

Wee Darlings


Woodturnings by Maurice Sauve


A Grand Scale

Bayside Bears

Jonathan the Bearman

Out of the Forest Bears

Tania's Tiny Teddies

Teddy Bear Gallery

Teddy Bears Den

The Toy Shoppe



Alexandra Koukinova Gallery

Annemarie Kwikkel Dolls

Annie Wahl

Antonette Cely Dolls

Carabosse Dolls

Cindy Gates Miniature Dolls

Creager Studios

Creager Studios Miniatures

Cynthia Howe Miniatures

Diane Wieler Dolls

Duirwaigh Gallery

Ellen Poitras Originals

Faeries in the Attic

Fantasy Art of Marilyn Radzat

Fantasy Within

Galinastudio - Galia Bazylko

George Stuart's Historical Figures

George Stuart's Gallery of Historical Figures

Gina Bellous Dolls

Hildegard Gunzel Dolls

Jane Davies Artist Dolls

James Carrington Dolls

Janette's les Petites

Jill Bennett Dolls

Lady of Finavon

Les Petites Dames De Mode

Leta's Art Dolls

Lisa Johnson-Richards

Lisa Lichtenfels Fabric Sculpture

Looking Glass Child

Lot's O' Links

Maggie Iacono Dolls

Margene Crossan Monsters

Martha Boers & Marianne Reitsma

Mere Whimsey

Michelle Robison's Porcelain Dolls


Patty Clark


Regalia - Priska Groetsch

R. John Wright Dolls

Stephanie Blythe

Susan Scogin

Sylvia Mobley at Pine Rose Studio

Teresa's Mini World

Todd Krueger Designs

Treasure House

Wee Beings of Mystic Muse

Woodland Whispers

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